Monday, March 2, 2009

Deviation Posting - What's It Like Working in the Map Room at Stanfords?

Stanfords of Long Acre in London's Covent Garden is a favourite bookshop of mine - it has a wealth of travel writing and guide books but mostly it has racks and racks of maps which for a map nut like me is a couple of hours wasted browsing every time. I always thought working there might be quite nice and then noticed that on Stanfords web site someone who actually does work in the map department has written about working there (click here).

Perhaps it's not quite as romantic as I imagined - after all you do actually have to work rather than just spend all day looking at the maps apparently which is a bit disappointing. I think I'll stick to the occasional visit when in London, drag out a bunch of maps, unfold them all and then decide not to buy them as usual before feeling guilty and settling on a small mapof Burma (the last time I visited anyway).

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