Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Murder on my Mind in Beijing This Friday

I’m at the Beijing Bookworm International Literary Festival 2009 this Friday night to moderate a session on Criminal Minds with Ridley Pearson and Catherine Sampson. We’ll hopefully be fleshing out the grisly details of what makes great crime fiction, and discuss the murky ethical issues surrounding serving up the seedier aspects of society for entertainment.

Ridley Pearson is a New York Times bestseller and author of more than 30 novels and has a great reputation, especially in America. To find out more about what he’s written click here for his web site. His crime novels emphasize dazzling investigative detail, and, all too often, imitate life. His previous novels have helped solve two real-life homicides, helped settle an environmental lawsuit, and regularly tackle subjects that eerily become national news after he writes about them. He’s also the author of a half dozen novels for younger readers.

Anyone who like China-based crime fiction should be familiar with Catherine Sampson. Catherine reported for the BBC and The Times before turning to fiction full time. The third of her novels featuring single mother and investigative journalist Robin Ballantyne, Pool of Unease, after Falling Off Air and Out of Mind, was published in 2007 and is set largely in Beijing. Her latest, The Slaughter Pavilion sees her shift to focussing on her Beijing private eye character.

Friday 13th March
5.30pm – 7pm
Criminal Minds - Ridley Pearson and Catherine Sampson, moderated by Paul French

Beijing Bookworm
Building 4
Nan Sanlitun Road
Chaoyang District


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