Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Weekend at the China Literary Festivals – Weekend III

The final weekend and another year draws to a close and just about all the remaining action is in Shanghai.

Shanghai – M on the Bund

Friday, March 20 - Literary Lunch - 12.30pm - Stefan Schomann - Last Refuge in Shanghai – Of Love and War and Troubled Times, moderated by Tess Johnston

Friday, March 20 - 4.30 pm - Miriam Clifford, Cathy Giangrande – China: museums -afternoon tea and talk. A museum walk precedes the talk, open to those who purchase the book; spaces limited.

Saturday, March 21 - 10am - Cyril Cannon - The Life and Times of Charles Henry Brewitt-Taylor - See my previous post on this book

Saturday, March 21 - 2pm - Stephen Mackinnon - Intrigue and Romance in the 1930s – Agnes Smedley’s Shanghai - personally I've never warmed to the severe, butch and rather odd Smedley (which was a common attitude to her at the time) but perhaps Mackinnon can convince me otherwise?

Sunday March 22 - 3pm - Pan Jian Feng, Ou Ning and Lynn Pan - The Look of the Book: Chinese Graphic Design and Typography, moderated by Defne Ayas

Chengdu – Chengdu Bookworm

Friday 20th March - 7:30pm - True Histories? With Mara Moustafine and Kate Grenville - Memoirist Mara Moustafine and novelist Kate Grenville discuss the different approaches in tackling historical writing. How do characters, truths and research combine to make a cracking yarn and when does a personal story become a public one and how does it intersect with capital H history.


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