Thursday, January 15, 2009

More on Boxers

Mentioned the live blogging project that is loading up the New York Times coverage from 1900 the other day. This made me think Boxers which made me think about one of the best memoirs of that period, Sir Meyrick Hewlett’s My Forty Years in China - published in 1943 but he had been a student interpreter at the British Legation in Peking in 1900.

This then prompted me to remember that I came across some pictures of Hewlett in the Peking Legation a while back and the student interpreters who were stuck inside throughout the Siege and a picture of Hewlett just after the Siege. So, here they are – the student interpreters at the British Legation in 1900 left.

Hewlett survived the Siege of the Legations and went on to a fairly illustrious diplomatic career afterwards. Left are the interpreters in the Legation Compound after the Siege had finished looking somewhat relieved understandably.


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