Thursday, January 8, 2009

Like all Good Mysteries There Had to be a Twist

A while back I posted about the mysterious old building that caught my eye strolling around Peking one weekend. I was fairly confident that the Peking-Hands would solve the mystery for me and so they did - see the previous post to this. However, like all good mysteries there has to be a twist - just when you think you know the end something else pops up...and so it is with this.

The people at The Beijinger magazine let me know they had solved the mystery already and uncovered that the building is a notoriously haunted house. Read the whole tale on their blog - click here. It's a good read and includes better photos than the one I had to snap from above the metal walls that surround the building at the moment. Apparently there's also mention of the building in a piece by Eric Abrahamsen in the Insiders Guide to Beijing.

Thanks to Michael Aldrich (author of the excellent Vanishing Beijing), Ed Lanfranco and The Beijinger for filling me in - see the interweb thing can be useful sometimes!


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