Friday, January 23, 2009

Historical Hong Kong Hikes

Books of walks around Chinese cities are proliferating at the moment. However, many are good –I’ve listed a few recent ones below. David Pickerell’s Historical Hong Kong Hikes looks like a good addition with 15 outlined hikes that emphasise the history of Hong Kong - the Matilda Hospital to the Trappist Monastery on Lantau; landmark sites such as the hillside where a thousand soldiers died in one day during the Battle of Hong Kong, or the place where a British naval force first landed to claim Hong Kong. All are usefully annotated by photographs either by the author himself or from The Hong Kong Museum of History. Outside of Hong Kong bookshops though I’m not sure how you get a copy of the book though. If you're in Hong Kong there's a launch for the book on February 3 at M on the Fringe - see below.

Some other walks books recently that proved interesting

Peter Hibbard -The Bund Shanghai: China Faces West

Eric Abrahamson – Beijing By Foot

Jason Wordie - Streets: Exploring Hong Kong Island

Jason Wordie - The Voices of Macao Stones

Anne Warr - Shanghai Architecture Guide


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