Sunday, December 21, 2008

The China Journal - Christmas 1934

The China Journal of Arts and Science was a great publication. Edited by the legendary Arthur de Carle Sowerby it ran for years and covered politics, society, economics, nature and science as well as a host of great book reviews. You come across copies here and there occasionally. This one seems fitting as its the Christmas edition for 1934. De Carle Sowerby was an interesting character (and appears repeatedly in my forthcoming book Through the Looking Glass, a history of foreign correspondents and their publications in China from the 1820s to1949 - plug, plug!). As well as intrepid explorer, writer, journalist, naturalist and politician in the Shanghai Municipal Council he served in World War One with the Chinese Labour Corps (see previous posts on the Corp). Anyway, here's my concession to the holidays with the cover.

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