Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hong Kong and China Literary Festivals - March

The annual round of China literary festivals in March are fast approaching - Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing. There's quite a few China history related sessions at all the festivals this year and I'll post later with details of the pertinent soon. However, various interesting people will be in attendance at one, other or all of the festivals including:

Jonathan Fenby (Penguin History of Modern China)
Ian Buruma (The China Lover)
Michael Aldrich (Vanishing Beijing)
Stella Dong (Shanghai: A Biography)
Frances Wood (The Lure of China: Writers from Marco Polo to JG Ballard)
Mara Moustaline (Secrets and Spies: The Harbin Files)
Mark Kitto (China Cuckoo)
Jeffrey Wasserstrom (Shanghai Global City)
Cyril Cannon (The Life and Times of Henry Brewitt-Taylor)
Stephen Mackinnon (Agnes Smedley's Shanghai)
Pan Jiang Fen, Ou Ning and Lynn Pan (Chinese Graphic Design and Typography)

I'll post on many of these later in more detail as I'm chairing a few and am a fan of some of these books too. Still tickets and more details available from the following:

Hong Kong (various locations) - click here
Shanghai (M on the Bund) - click here
Beijing (The Beijing Bookworm) - click here
Suzhou (The Suzhou Bookworm - pictured left and a lovely venue) - Click here


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