Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Final Word on Trams - Back in Shanghai After 30 Years

My thanks to the reader who pointed out that, after 30 years since the last one ran, trams are coming back to Shanghai - or at least a corner of Pudong. According to the Shanghai Daily:

'New trams to turn red lights green

TRAMS in Pudong's Zhangjiang area will be fitted with an auto-sensor system which will turn traffic lights green as they approach when the service is put into operation later this year. The first batch of trams has arrived in the city and the first-phase of construction will be finished in May.The electric trams will run on a single track with stops in the middle of the street. Zhang Cailuo, an official with the Zhangjiang administrative commission, said the Shanghai Public Transportation Card can be used on the service once the line is open for business.The 10-kilometer route will link Zhangjiang High-Tech Park Metro Station on Line 2 to Jinqiu Road in the Zhangjiang Semiconductor Industry Park.There will be 15 stops to service office buildings, research institutes, universities and residential areas. The service will run daily from 6am to 9pm and each tram will be able to carry 167 passengers.'

I can't find a picture of what the trams will look like - though I expect they'll be all new looking and modern in keeping with things Pudong. It would be nice if they just bought some from the firm that makes the Dalian trams and kept a nice traditional look (like the restored old tram from Swansea, Wales, above) but I doubt the high-ups of Pudong think that way. Still any tram is better than no tram and even a new sci-fi tram is better than more cars I say.


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