Friday, September 26, 2008

The Street Signs They Are A Changing

The last few days have seen some odd scenes in Shanghai's former French Concession. Tourists and locals wandering around lost and unable to find any street signs. Shanghai is currently in the midst of changing over its signage. It seems the crew tasked with removing the old signs has been round and uprooted and removed the old style road markers. However, they have not yet been followed by the crew tasked with putting in the new signs. So roads are now mysteries. Frenchtown is a rabbit warren and parts of its still extremely charming. Surprising how even people who know the area well have got lost at night recently. With the long October holiday coming it may be that the new signs don't get put up till mid-October leading to a lot more confused tourists.

As to the design of the signs themselves well take your pick - the new one is blue, the old green. The older ones seem slightly better to me for what it's worth. As to why the old ones needed replacing I have no idea but local government is local government all over the world and ours is never to reason why.

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