Saturday, September 20, 2008

Clavell on my Mind

I did warn you that this blog would fulfil the apparently major criteria of a self-indulgent blog - i.e. being largely pointless. Spent Friday wandering around Sydney enjoying the city's emergent spring and listening to my iPod. Suddenly along came an interview I'd downloaded with the crime writer James Lee Burke who mentioned that James Clavell was one of his favourite authors and that King Rat (Clavell's stark rendering of allied POW camps in Singapore in WW2) one of his favoruite novels.

That reminded me I'm visiting Singapore in a couple of weeks and made me think I might take some old Clavell papebacks along with me including King Rat and the two great novelisations of the Jardine Matheson/Hong Kong story Taipan and Noble House.

And then I strolled past the Chinese restaurant pictured on Bent Street in Sydney's CBD...

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