Thursday, May 7, 2009

Images of American Colonialists in the Philippines

A slight deviation today but I came across these photographs of American ex-pats in the Philippines in the early 1900s the other day. Of course the Philippines was really America’s major experiment with colonialism and, by their own admittance, they weren’t that great at it. It seems that American colonials basically rarely interacted on a social level with Filipinos (except in the brothels of Manila) and kept themselves to themselves pretty much.

Anyway here they are – Americans trying to be colonials circa 1905:

An American picnic party

Americans at Baguio, the hill resort they built for themselves

American women strolling through a Filipino town

An American woman teacher at an American-run school for Filipino children


Crosier said...

I was wanting to understand more about my great uncle, stationed at Fort Mills in 1920. These pictures were really helpful. Thank you!

Biber said...

I came across a nice quote while re-reading Randall Gould's great China memoir China in the Sun the other day. Gould was a veteran member of the old China press corps before the war.

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